CoolSteam® Nut Pasteurizer

  • CoolSteam® Nut Pasteurizer

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    Laitram Machinery's CoolSteam® technology dramatically changed the way the world pasteurizes nuts. Decades of research and development and in-plant processing experience validates this time-tested, proven technology.    

    With more than 180 CoolSteam® systems installed, processors are realizing significant profits through improved yield, enhanced product quality, increased energy efficiency (savings), and greater product safety.



    Laitram’s patented CoolSteam® nut pasteurization technology is an all-natural, continuous-flow process with verified settings that achieved a 5log+ reduction of salmonella with excellent quality and low capital and operating costs.
    Utilizing a forced-convection steam technology, we precisely control the temperature below the boiling point (150F to 200F) and uniformly apply a steam-air mixture to the different types of nuts. This treatment eliminates target pathogens while preserving the natural quality of the nut. CoolSteam® Pasteurizers are configurable to meet customer specific needs and the modular design accommodates many capacity requirements. 

    Pasteurizer Benefits

    Pasteurizer Benefits

    Laitram’s CoolSteam® Pasteurizers offer many benefits over other methods of nut pasteurization: 

    • Food Safety:Accepted by the Technical Expert Review Panel (TERP) of the Almond Board of California.  Verified 5-log kill or greater of salmonella. The CoolSteam® Pasteurizer meets today’s rigorous food safety and sanitary design principles (BRC, CFIA and FDA requirements).
    • Continuous Production:  Eliminate batch production; first-in, first-out.
    • Low Capital and Operating Costs: Operating costs are under $0.005 per pound. System is substantially less expensive than competing pasteurizers.
    • Maintain Product Quality:Patent-pending process allows for extremely gentle pasteurization, while  ensuring food-safe production. Laitram’s CoolSteam® technology maintains texture, color, and improves the flavor of raw product. Our fully-programmable control system ensures your product is pasteurized the same way every time. 
    • Hygienic Design: CoolSteam® Pasteurizers provide:
      • Easy access for cleaning and sanitization
      • “Food traps” are eliminated with the Pasteurizer’s “open design”
      • High quality stainless steel construction
      • Integrated Belt Cleaner that sprays high-pressure water to clean – continuously or intermittently.

      Product Applications

      The Laitram CoolSteam®Pasteurizing System handles a wide variety of products including, but not limited to:

      • In-shell Pistachios 
      • Pistachio Kernels 
      • Almonds Kernels
      • Cashews
      • Pecans
      • Walnuts
      • Macademias

      Process Control System

      New Pasteurizing System v2

      Laitram Machinery’s Process Control System provides processors with reliable information, allowing fast and easy error detection that simplifies operations. Each Process Control System is customized to your specific system requirements.  

      The flexible design can be reapplied to quickly and easily control other systems. Operating from a single location via a user-friendly touch-screen interface, the control system is accessed remotely through the internet; this ensures that processors can track their operations...anywhere, any time.


      • Easy monitoring and control of the feeding, pasteurizing, and chilling processes
      • Stores pasteurizing recipes. 
      • Multiple levels of security access
      • Allows Laitram to remotely diagnose and fix control problems, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.  
      CoolSteam Process Controls


      • Data logging system monitors critical operations parameters, enabling the compilation of valuable information, providing traceability and consistent processing.  
      • Easily programmable by maintenance and plant personnel, via an easy-to-understand graphical user interface. 
      • Designed to withstand severe conditions.
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