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    Maximize the value of each shrimp and meet the uniformity specifications of your most demanding buyers with Laitram's Grading Solutions for HOSO, HLSO, and PUD shrimp.


    The New Inline Vision Grader (ILG) is the new standard for grading and inspecting shrimp. High precision, shrimp-by-shrimp laser imaging puts each shrimp in the right bag to maximize the value of the product. Virtually eliminate misgrades and human error.


    The Precision Roller Grader (PRG) improves your uniformity and simplifies your grading process, with easy to adjust features, minimal maintenance required and hygienic design.



    Inline Vision Grader

    Inline Grader controls and equipment

    Laitram Machinery's ILG (Inline Vision Grader) technology represents an entirely new approach to shrimp grading. The automatically-fed grader laser scans each and every shrimp in a lot. The machine uses computer vision algorithms to inspect, grade, and sort at a rate of 45 shrimp per second. 


    This computer-controlled sorting technology allows a processor to:

    • Eject shrimp into specified portions for large or small format takeout
    • Precisely target average counts in real-time without experienced operators or tedious QA effort
    • Observe and refine the grading strategy for a lot in real-time to meet product demand
    • Meet and exceed a buyer's specified uniformity ratio requirement with ease
    • Save, view, and analyze grading performance on a shrimp-by-shrimp, batch-by-batch, and day-by-day basis
    • Reject broken, damaged, and/or out-of-spec shrimp  or foreign material 


    • The ILG is available in two orientations and a variable number of sorting "bins" to fit the exact product flow and layout constraints of modern processors.
    • The operator's visual interface is intuitive, easy to learn, and provides up-to-the-second grading information for the current batch.
    • The POP (Plant Operations Portal) data reporting tool provides online access to current and historical data to any web-enabled mobile or desktop browser.
    ILG Inline Grader Render

    PRG Grading System

    PRG Grader 2

    Laitram’s PRG (Precision Roller Grader) seek to achieve the highest uniformity output on graded food products.  Laitram’s innovative feed system, along with precisión controls, offers food processors a great  opportunity to pack a high-quality, uniform product.

    After the feed system releases and orients product, grading (sorting) occurs as the product falls into grading lanes and moves down diverging, continuously rotating rollers.  Product is sorted by size, starting with the smallest product and ending with the largest.

    The Laitram PRG Graders are available in two configurations: 

    • The PRG 55 (single-unit grading system) 
    • PRG 10-5 (tándem grading system)
    PRG 55  PRG 10


  • "Laitram Machinery’s PRG Grader has proven to be an integral part of our business with exceptional quality, craftsmanship and precision shrimp grading. The PRG allows us to process high volumes at capacities of 5,500 to 6,000 pounds per hour on both headless and head-on shrimp, with no piggy-backing and uniformity ratios of 1.3 or better. Our operators now have more time to focus on other priorities because our new graders require very little maintenance with the automatic lubrication system and are easy to clean. Moreover, Laitram’s service, support and responsiveness have been outstanding."

    Dámaso Mateo

    Maintenance Manager

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