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  • CoolSteam® Blanching Systems

    CoolSteam Blancher Spinach in Belt

    Laitram Machinery's CoolSteam® technology dramatically and permanently changed the way the world blanches vegetables. Decades of research and development and in-plant processing experience validates this time-tested, proven technology.    

    With more than 180 CoolSteam® systems in place worldwide, processors are realizing significant profits through improved yield results, enhanced product quality, increased energy efficiency (savings), and greater product safety.


    • Motor-driven blower wheel circulates a homogenized mixture of air and steam in the chamber (no cold spots).  
    • Contoured chamber directs steam/air mixture evenly across the width of the belt.
    • Consistently blanches product and reduces steam usage.  
    Cross Section Blancher
    Lower temperature blanching prevents overcooking of the product’s outer surface while the product core reaches its required temperature. Product surface temperature never exceeds the Blancher temperature (typically set between 80oC and 95oC).

    CoolSteam® Blanchers are easily configurable to meet specific customer needs. Its modular design accommodates differing capacity requirements. Laitram offers a large variety of application-specific discharges and belt configurations.

    CoolSteam® Blancher Benefits

    The Laitram Machinery CoolSteam® Blancher offers many benefits over other blanching methods.  Its technology and modular design provides:

    • Increased Yield: Processors realize yield gains of 1% - 7% because blanching at lower temperatures does not overcook the outside of the product.
      • The product core is heated to achieve the required temperature  
    • Energy Savings: Energy consumption is reduced 30% - 85%.
      • Precision steam control and convection is more efficient, lowering both water and energy usage  
    • Improved Product Quality: Consistent, uniform and predictable blanched product.  Laitram’s CoolSteam® technology improves texture, flavor, and color of your blanched product.  Our fully-programmable Process Control System ensures your product is blanched the same way every time
    • Hygienic Design: CoolSteam® Blanchers conform to the American Meat Industry’s “10 Principles of Sanitary Design”. Among the hygienic features, CoolSteam® Blanchers provide: 
      • Easy access for cleaning and sanitization 
      • Elimination of “food traps” where bacteria can harbor 
      • High quality stainless steel construction 
      • Intralox conveyor belts, the highest quality modular food grade plastic belts in the world.   
    • Food Safety: The CoolSteam® Blancher meets today’s rigorous food safety and sanitary design principles (BRC, CFIA and FDA requirements).
      • CoolSteam®technology is university-tested and its performance is verified by our customers

    Product Applications

    The Laitram CoolSteam® Blanching System handles a wide variety of products including, but not limited to, green beans, corn, onions, peas, broccoli, peppers, and celery. 

    CoolSteam Product Applications   

    Rainfall Chilling System

    Rainfall Chiller Image

    Save energy and preserve high yields with the CoolSteam® Rainfall Chilling System. As blanched product exits the CoolSteam® Blancher, it immediately enters the chilling process, stopping the cooking process. The modular design of the CoolSteam® Rainfall Chiller makes it customizable to your specific needs. Machine operation is based on solid thermodynamic principles:

    • Counter-Flow 
      •  Achieve the same cooling rate with warmer water as you do with ice.
    • Convective Cooling 
      • Heat is removed faster by a moving fluid than by a stationary one. This effect is the same as “Wind Chill”.  

    Integrated Solution / Closed-Loop System (Optional)
    This solution integrates the entire chilling loop. Laitram Machinery recommends using a Closed-Loop System when:

    • Water availability is limited.
    • You want to reduce your water usage by 90%.
    • Water discharge costs are high.
    • Improves yield an additional 1% to 2% from CoolSteam® Blancher.
    • Energy savings of 25% to 75%. Compared to ice methods or traditional water chilling. 
    • Improves product quality and consistency by quicker chilling process.
    • Integrated controls with the CoolSteam® Cooker, Blancher, or Pasteurizer  

      Process Control System

      CoolSteam Process Controls

      Laitram Machinery’s Process Control System provides processors with reliable information, allowing fast and easy error detection that simplifies operations, while producing significant cost savings. Each Process Control System is customized to your specific system requirements.  

      The flexible design can be reapplied to quickly and easily control other systems. Operating from a single location via a user-friendly touch-screen interface, the control system is accessed remotely through the internet; this ensures that processors can track their operations...anywhere, any time.


      • Easy monitoring and control of the feeding, blanching, and chilling processes
      • Stores blanching recipes. 
      • Multiple levels of security access
      • Allows Laitram to remotely diagnose and fix control problems, reducing downtime and increasing productivity


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